Wednesday, October 30, 2019

What is the Great Presentations Institute?

GPI is an esteemed center for intellectual and practical dialog about the ways we present science in speech and writing.

We believe that scientists must build excellent writing and presentation skills in addition to technical and research abilities so they can write about and talk about their work with colleagues, co-workers, their students, government agencies, funding agencies, business and industry partners, and the general public. And we believe that all ways of presenting science ideas and stories must be done at the highest level of excellence.

GPI hosts instructional seminars throughout the year as well as opportunities for science professionals and advanced science students to present their work and receive feedback and mentoring.

GPI also develops writing and presentation skills teachers -- professionals representing the future of excellence in science communication in practice.

CONTACT - Please contact Janet Kayfetz at if you have questions about GPI.

Janet L. Kayfetz, Ph.D.
Founder, GPI

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