Saturday, February 8, 2020

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln had a poetic literary sensibility. He was aware of the right rhythm and sound. An editor of the Gettysburg Address might say that ‘Eighty-seven years ago’ is shorter. Lincoln wrote instead, ‘Four score and seven years ago.’” 
Ted Sorensen

"Abraham Lincoln always struggled to see the thing or the idea exactly and to express that idea in such language as to convey that idea precisely." 
Lincoln's law partner, William Henry Herndon.

"Abraham Lincoln respected the meanings of words, and he wrote and spoke with clarity. He knew what he was talking about. He had consummate skill in logical analysis. He was able to put profound thoughts simply. He was sincere and earnest. He had both dignity and humor. His language was pungent and he knew the art of timing. He was a master of balance and had an ear for rhythm. He could rise to a lofty eloquence that has not been surpassed in the history of oratory. "
Historian Theodore Blegen

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